Splendor Veritatis


Latin Reader

To help in learning Latin, I created an interactive website for reading Latin texts. The generator program takes an arbitrary set of Latin texts (formatted correctly), and constructs a site that includes a “dictionary aid”. Clicking on a word in the text populates the sidebar with the word’s translation, part of speech, and other details about the word.

This project would not have been possible without the use of William Whitaker’s WORDS, an impressively powerful program for translating Latin words. My program calls Whitaker’s WORDS for translations, and caches the results in a file in between runs to improve the efficiency of subsequent executions.

[Latin Reader]

Hiking Tracker

Since I’ve been hiking more, I made a simple site to keep track of all my hikes. You can find this site [here] or at the link at the top of this site.

More accurately, I wrote a program which generates this site. Information about my hikes and the various mountains/trails in the Northeast United States are kept in data files. The generator builds the site and propagates the data accordingly.

Reversing Nearness

My first of Al Zimmerman’s programming contests, the object of Reversing Nearness was to scramble NxN matrices as throroughly as possible.

[Reversing Nearness Source]


This is an online version of a cardgame a friend learned while abroad in Greece. I’ve developed the UI, while a friend did the server/backend.

[Play Palace] [Palace UI Source]

Sheet Music Editor

Created a simple sheet music editor in Racket for my Organization of Programming Languages class. You can create, load, and edit sheet music, playback the audio, and export to a PDF file.

[Sheet Music Editor Source]


Hack UMass V - Minaret

A tower-climbing game where you race upwards to beat your opponent before fighting them on 1-on-1 combat. For this game, I designed the levels, composed the music, and contributed to the programming.

[Minaret Home]

Hack UMass IV - Phaseshift

A DotA 2 “demake”, which features player-vs-player combat, where both players are the DotA character Puck. I worked on the music (an instrumentation of Bach) and the programming.

[Phaseshift Home]