Northeast 111 [NE111]

All mountains greater than 4,000 feet with a topographic prominence of at least 200 feet in the Northeast United States (New England plus New York). Surveys conducted since the list was created has resulted in the addition of four mountains; however, mountains that were found to no longer meet the requirements have not been removed. [Source]

NE 100 Highest [NE100H]

The 100 tallest mountains in New England with at least 200 feet of topographic prominence. [Source]

50 Finest [50F]

The 50 mountains in New England with the greatest topographic prominence. [Source]

52 with a View [52WAV]

A curated list of 52 sub-4,000-foot mountains in New Hampshire with fantastic views. [Source]

Terrifying 25 [T25]

A curated list of 25 White Mountain (NH) trails with challenging technical elements (slides, rock scrambles, and boulder caves). To officially "complete" the list, one must hike all 20 "Required" trails as well as any five of the "Optional" ones. [Source]

NH 100 Highest [NH100H]

The 100 tallest mountains in New Hampshire. [Source]

The Grid

A challenge to summit each 4,000-foot mountain in New Hampshire 12 times, once in each month of the year. [Source]


A challenge to hike every mile of trail in the White Mountain National Forest. [Source]

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